United Ackreditering Services Limited (UASL) is an independent accreditation body established to operate accreditation structure and promote quality through its own Memorandum of Association and Rules & Regulations.

UASL was established in the UK to provide accreditation to deliver on four goals relating to Integrity and Confidence, Trade Support, Linkages, and International Acceptance.

Accreditation facilitates international reputation by the way of establishing equivalence and global acceptance of certification, inspection and testing being undertaken by various conformity assessment bodies, in areas of quality, environment, food safety etc.

UASL aims at promoting quality by enabling manufacturers and suppliers of goods/ services to apply quality standards and tools and simultaneously empowering consumers to demand quality goods/services. The promotion of quality encompasses all segments including manufacturing, health, education and public services.


To be among the world’s independent leading quality facilitation, accreditation and surveillance organization, to continuously improve the climate, systems, processes and skills for total quality.


To provide credible standardization and accreditation services to enhance economic, societal and environmental well-being.


  • Provide the right information for quality related standards
  • Spread quality movement throughout the world through certification
  • To Help organizations to establish brand equity of products and services

What do we do?

UASL accredits conformity assessment bodies and training organizations and also administers an auditor registration scheme. UASL does not perform certification.

UASL will accept applications from conformity assessment bodies operating anywhere in the world. Accreditation program is accessible to all conformity assessment bodies, irrespective of size, location or affiliations, whose operations include activities for which accreditation program are currently available.

UASL offers Accreditation for the following program:

Management systems certification such as quality management systems (ISO 9001), environmental management systems (ISO 14001) and others

  • Product certification
  • Personal certification
  • Inspection
  • Rating

In UASL, the Secretariat is responsible for administering the accreditation process, coordinating the technical committees associated with the accreditation program and the development of a new accreditation program.

UASL is a legally registered entity within the United Kingdom but is not authorized by the UK Government and so encouragement, support, approval or license of any Department of State of the Government of the United Kingdom or of the European Commission or any other statutory or government office of any nation or state should not be inferred.

UASL is an independent service provider offering registration services outside the scope of EU Regulation 765/08.